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Family medicine physicians
Phoenix Health Center
Mimi Choate, MD
Mary Cutler, MD
Richard Julyan, MD
William Palm, MD
Steven Wells, MD

Certified nurse midwives
Women’s Health Center, Medford
Linda Brouzes, CNM/NP
Hillary Handelsman,

Kim McQuoid, FNP/CNM
Diana Nemirovsky, CNM/NP
Loretta Sandoval, CNM/NP

Want to meet a doctor or certified nurse midwife? We can arrange complimentary meeting. Call 541-535-6239 for information.

Delivery hospitals
Ashland Community Hospital
Providence Medford Medical Center
Rogue Regional Medical Center

Appointments: 541-618-1300

Care for the most important people in your life

At La Clinica you can choose from a full range of health providers for prenatal care and childbirth based on your situation and preferences. La Clinica offers delivery by family physicians and certified nurse midwives at our Phoenix and Women’s health centers. Our providers deliver babies at Asante Ashland Community Hospital, Providence Medford Medical Center, and Rogue Regional Medical Center.

All of our providers practice compassionate, respectful, and family-centered care. We promote healthy living and illness prevention through education, empowering mothers to prepare for the birth of their baby, and helping them make informed, sound decisions about their own care.

For expectant mothers, we provide care at every stage of pregnancy including social services and health education. La Clinica offers expectant mothers a host of distinct options in prenatal care and delivery, including the CenteringPregnancy® program, doula support, water births, and the possibility of a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section.

Our family medicine physicians are well versed in obstetrics and gynecology and provide a full spectrum of prenatal care for the expectant mother. They continue long-term care for women and their children after birth, with lactation support, nutrition guidance, well-woman and well-child exams and immunizations.

Our certified nurse midwives are board-certified nurse practitioners specially trained to provide support, education, and prenatal and delivery care in a nurturing and woman-focused environment. They care for new mothers and their infants for two weeks after the baby’s birth and help transition the baby’s care to a pediatrician, family medicine physician, or pediatric nurse practitioner.

Nurse midwives are trained to recognize early signs of complications in a pregnancy and partner with physicians to provide the care a mother needs. They are licensed to order epidural anesthesia and IV pain medication during labor. If a cesarean section should become necessary during delivery, your midwife will not only coordinate your surgical care but will stay with you during surgery as the surgical first assistant.

Additional support services

A women’s pregnancy journey can be confusing and daunting, especially in first-time pregnancies. That is why every expectant mother at La Clinica is partnered with a prenatal care manager. Your care manager is available to help you access resources and navigate services and acts as your personal connection to your medical provider. Your care manager is your personal health advocate and is just a phone call away.

La Clinica is the only healthcare organization in the region to offer this level of personal service for expectant mothers.