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Ania Zurek, MA

Ania Zurek is a mental health therapist at our school-based health center at Jewett Elementary School in Central Point.
Before coming to La Clinica in August 2011 she was employed by Southern Oregon Child Study & Treatment Center.
She holds a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Phoenix and a counseling psychology degree from Chaminade University in Honolulu, Hawaii.

"In my work with children and families I utilize Art Therapy as my primary therapeutic approach and tool. Art therapy can help process emotions and feelings that children and families are struggling with so healing can begin.  It is the idea of self-exploration that can often lead a person to some insightful conclusions about themselves. Don’t be surprised if the effects of art therapy lead to a general sense of relief and overall better mental health. Again, it’s therapy, but with a completely different ingredient than most people are used to, art."

Ania was born and raised in Poland and moved to the United States with her family when she was 11. She enjoys the outdoors, including rafting, hiking, and camping. She also notes: "I love interior design and often get caught up watching HGTV with popcorn in hand. I also love to have get-togethers with close family and friends, because nothing beats the connection we have with those we love."